With a Tinder photoshoot you will score the perfect match!

Bad profile pictures that sabotage your chances? That belongs to the past with a professional Tinder photoshoot.

Before and after the SwipeShots Tinder Photoshoot


minimum 75 images


with high quality photos


for optimal variation

Selfies that say nothing & group photos where you have to find Wally? No thanks!

Remember that time when you thought a selfie with your cat would save your dating life? Or that group photo where your friends look better than you? Been there, done that.

Ten years ago, I was also a chicken in the online dating world. My Tinder profile picture back then? As inspiring as a microwave meal. But you know what? Those failed selfies were my wake-up call.

Man onder brug op skatebaan in dordrecht tijdens een tindershoot

In the meantime, I have done hundreds of Tinder photoshoots and have seen the power of a good photo - it's like a superpower that brings you a avalanche of quality matches. Not just more matches, but more AND better matches!

It's not just about random Tinder photos for me. No, it's about capturing that sparkle in your eyes, that grin that says 'I am your new favorite conversation topic'.

I am not only a Tinder photographer, I am the magician who transforms your ordinary 'me' into 'irresistible me'.

So, are you ready to make your dating profile shine with photos that even make your ex jealous? I have my camera ready. Let's together turn your love story from 'meh 🤮' to 'Yeaah 😎'. I am ready to go!

Man op brug in dordrecht tijdens een tindershoot


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So I booked an appointment with Herman for a 1-hour dating site photoshoot.

No one liked my profile, so I thought a good photo might help.

He was on time, and he has a great personality.

Even though I have no experience posing for photos, he made it very easy. Since then, I've had a lot of matches.

In the meantime, I have...


YEARS experience

with Tinder photoshoots



with an updated profile



shot, edited and sent

"I will transform your profile into a match magnet!"

Your stumbling blocks, my challenge

Blurry images?

I provide crystal clear shots. So those blurry low-quality images can go in the trash

Group photo chaos?

Here you are the star and not your five best friends stealing the matches from under your nose.

Old snapshots?

Time for an update. I capture how you are now, not how you were when the dinosaurs were still alive.

Little variation?

My photos showcase the best aspects of your personality, exactly what you want to portray!

"Your success is my business card"

My solution: real, spontanious and irresistable

I capture you as you truly are, relaxed and at your best.


I am not an ordinary photographer, I am a Tinder wizard. With my lens, I capture your unique charm, which leads to an avalanche of matches.

Just be yourself

No stiff studio poses for me. I take you outside, where, thanks to my expertise, you can truly be yourself - and that shows in every photo.

Quality & quantity

Where other photographers often send 3 to 5 photos, I will send at least 75 images your way.

Fast, faster, fastest

No waiting weeks for your photos. With me, you'll have them within 7 days. So fast, your matches won't know what hit them!

Tinder fotograaf dordrecht rotterdam swipeshots

About Herman, the photographer

My camera is not a magic wand, but man oh man, it's close. My ultimate goal? Your ticket to that one match made in heaven. I want to help you find the perfect match on Tinder!

As a Tinder photographer, I'm on the hunt for that look, that smile, that charisma that says, 'Here I am and I'm fantastic.' No fake stuff, no photoshopping, just you.

So smile for the camera and let that charming, authentic you shine. Together, we're going for gold: photos that not only show your true self, but also hold the key to a swipe right from Miss or Mister Right.

Don't take just my word for it!

This is what my customers experience
Jongeman zittend op bankje tijdens tinder fotoshoot in den bosch


"I can tell you that it is a great success, I have more matches than I can handle at the moment haha!"

Stefan review swipeshots tinder fotoshoot


"The photos I used have increased attention. Enough to let me do the rest. Met a nice lady for the long term."

Ruud tijdens tinderfotoshoot dordrecht swipeshots


"Tinder is blowing up man, way more matches and also better ones. Also getting a lot of nice reactions on the photos!"
Joost review swipeshots tinder fotoshoot


"The images have been very helpful, and I've enjoyed a few nice dates."
Lars review swipeshots tinder fotoshoot


"I can confidently say that my results have significantly improved since the shoot. Waaay more matches."
Maurice review swipeshots tinder fotoshoot


"What a difference it has made. I've used the photos on Tinder, and I've already got a bunch of matches, including three that are really interesting. And it seems to me that most people aren't on Tinder the morning of Ascension Day, right? 😅"

Before ❌

After ✅

Verliefd stel kust bij zonsondergang

Because the real you, attracts the one

🌟 Minimum 75 images

👕 Change outfit possible

⏱️ Top photos within a week

🏞️ Outdoor and spontaneous

📈 Match guarantee

€ 159* € 275

* after 19:00 and on weekends I charge a € 50 surcharge
Man onder brug op skatebaan in dordrecht tijdens een tindershoot
Jongen in natuur in dordrecht tijdens een tindershoot
Jongeman op stoel in cafe tijdens tindershoot
Rodger tijdens tinderfotoshoot dordrecht swipeshots
Jonge vrouw zittend bij boom tijdens datingshoot voor bumble in loonse en drunense duinen
Jongen in tuin in dordrecht tijdens een tindershoot
Man in tuin villa augustus dordrecht
Man op stoel de tuin tijdens tindershoot in Dordrecht
Jongen op de kade tijdens tindershoot in utrecht
Roberta tijdens tinderfotoshoot dordrecht swipeshots
Man in winkelstraat tijdens tindershoot in rotterdam

Match guarantee ✅

Imagine this: you open Tinder, and what do you see? An explosion of 'It's a Match!' notifications. Sounds like a dream? Not if you choose me!

How do I do it? Simple. I'm not your average point-and-shoot photographer. My secret weapon? Genuine, captivating photos that showcase your unique personality. Photos so good that even your ex will start to doubt.

So, what does that mean for you? More eye contact in your inbox. More 'Hey, nice photo!' conversations. More opportunities to show who you really are. So, are you ready to see that match counter rise? Let's make it happen with the Tinder photoshoot!


Rodger tijdens tinderfotoshoot dordrecht swipeshots
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"As a real man, of course, I want AB-SO-LUTE-LY nothing to do with pictures of myself. But well, at some point, you have to join a dating app...

I was dreading it, but that quickly turned into an hour of laughter with Herman.

Herman is an incredibly friendly guy who knows exactly what to do to avoid capturing you looking awkward in photos.

I'm very pleased with the results!"

Are you ready for the perfect match?

✅ Tinder photoshoot of 60 minutes

✅ Minimum of 75 images

✅ Various outfits

✅ Sent within 7 days

✅ Truly spontaneous images

✅ Match guarantee

€ 159* € 275

* from 19:00 and on weekends you pay a € 50 surcharge

Flexibly bookable

always quickly make an appointment

(often within the same week)

Quick result

within 7 days in your inbox

(without logos and hassle)

All images?

Yep, at least 75
(often much more)

Do you have any questions?

I booked a tinder photoshoot, but it is raining.. What to do?

It's not fun for anyone to walk in the rain. So when it's raining, we won't go for a walk outside, but we will reschedule the photoshoot in consultation to another date or time.

Are there any indoor locations available?

No, I only shoot photos outdoors on principle because it yields the far most beautiful results! However, if you wish, we can go into a café to take some additional photos there.

Are there any additional costs associated with a photoshoot?

In addition to the costs for the photoshoot, you only pay € 0.30 travel costs per kilometer + any parking costs. For locations more than 30 minutes one way from Dordrecht, you pay € 30.00 per half hour of driving.

There are no additional or hidden costs.

Where will the photoshoot take place?

The location we determine together! If you would like to shoot in Amsterdam or Maastricht, I will be happy to drive there for you.

Do I really get all the photos?

Yes! On average, I take between 100 and 150 images during a photoshoot. Of course, there are always images that are not sharp or blurry, or where you have your eyes closed. After editing the images, you will receive EVERYTHING that is sharp, with editing, digitally. That guarantees 75 razor-sharp images of high quality!

What kind of clothing should I wear and bring along?

Women can actually wear anything. Whether it's a dress, sweater, or pajamas... Men are not that difficult to convince.

For men, it's a bit more difficult when it comes to clothing... Women are generally more picky, so men will have to make a bit more effort.

The first tip I can give you is: stay true to yourself. Don't wear clothes that you wouldn't normally wear.

That being said, women find nothing more attractive than a man in a suit. Women associate men in suits with success and power, something that many women unconsciously fall for. If you don't wear suits for work, it's best to wear something that you feel comfortable in. When you feel good, it shows in the photo. A nice blue jeans combined with a white shirt is always a good choice. Just make sure your shirt is clean and ironed! Women notice these things, and there's nothing that turns women off faster than an unkempt appearance.

Herman - De Tinder Fotograaf van SwipeShots

You still have questions?

Feel free to contact me anytime, I'd like to answer them all!

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