Enhance your dating profile with better profile pictures

Good photos ensure that your profile stands out among all the other profiles. By standing out positively from the rest, you significantly increase your chances!

Swipe right with confidence. Book a professional photo shoot and score more matches with your online dating profile.


minimum 75 images


with high quality photos


for optimal variation

Your stumbling blocks, my challenge

Blurry images?

I provide crystal clear shots. So those blurry low-quality images can go in the trash

Group photo chaos?

Here you are the star and not your five best friends stealing the matches from under your nose.

Old snapshots?

Time for an update. I capture how you are now, not how you were when the dinosaurs were still alive.

Little variation?

My photos showcase the best aspects of your personality, exactly what you want to portray!

my shots are being used on these platforms, among others
Tinder fotograaf dordrecht rotterdam swipeshots

About Herman, the photographer

As a photographer for online dating, I have been capturing people in a natural, charismatic way on film for over 6 years. More than 500 clients have found their great love on online dating sites thanks to my spontaneous snapshots.

My secret? A relaxed atmosphere and the right dose of humor, so you can shine brightly in front of the lens. No nonsense, just you in your authentic glory. One wink later and the profile pictures that attract matches will roll right into your app.

Rodger tijdens tinderfotoshoot dordrecht swipeshots
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"As a real man, of course, I want AB-SO-LUTE-LY nothing to do with pictures of myself. But well, at some point, you have to join a dating app...

I was dreading it, but that quickly turned into an hour of laughter with Herman.

Herman is an incredibly friendly guy who knows exactly what to do to avoid capturing you looking awkward in photos.

I'm very pleased with the results!"

"I will transform your profile into a match magnet!"

Upgrade your datingprofile with my tips & tricks

Man onder brug op skatebaan in dordrecht tijdens een tindershoot


Met deze 6 tips ben je optimaal voorbereid voor een succesvolle professionele fotoshoot.

Do you have any questions?

I booked a tinder photoshoot, but it is raining.. What to do?

It's not fun for anyone to walk in the rain. So when it's raining, we won't go for a walk outside, but we will reschedule the photoshoot in consultation to another date or time.

Are there any indoor locations available?

No, I only shoot photos outdoors on principle because it yields the far most beautiful results! However, if you wish, we can go into a café to take some additional photos there.

Are there any additional costs associated with a photoshoot?

In addition to the costs for the photoshoot, you only pay € 0.30 travel costs per kilometer + any parking costs. For locations more than 30 minutes one way from Dordrecht, you pay € 30.00 per half hour of driving.

There are no additional or hidden costs.

Where will the photoshoot take place?

The location we determine together! If you would like to shoot in Amsterdam or Maastricht, I will be happy to drive there for you.

Do I really get all the photos?

Yes! On average, I take between 100 and 150 images during a photoshoot. Of course, there are always images that are not sharp or blurry, or where you have your eyes closed. After editing the images, you will receive EVERYTHING that is sharp, with editing, digitally. That guarantees 75 razor-sharp images of high quality!

What kind of clothing should I wear and bring along?

Women can actually wear anything. Whether it's a dress, sweater, or pajamas... Men are not that difficult to convince.

For men, it's a bit more difficult when it comes to clothing... Women are generally more picky, so men will have to make a bit more effort.

The first tip I can give you is: stay true to yourself. Don't wear clothes that you wouldn't normally wear.

That being said, women find nothing more attractive than a man in a suit. Women associate men in suits with success and power, something that many women unconsciously fall for. If you don't wear suits for work, it's best to wear something that you feel comfortable in. When you feel good, it shows in the photo. A nice blue jeans combined with a white shirt is always a good choice. Just make sure your shirt is clean and ironed! Women notice these things, and there's nothing that turns women off faster than an unkempt appearance.

Herman - De Tinder Fotograaf van SwipeShots

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